Translation: English to Canvas (Part 1: grading)

Here are some common questions I hear regarding Canvas grading
How do I...

  1. ... add a column to gradebook? Go to Assignments: + Assignment
  2. ... not accept late assignments? Go to Assignments: Available Until and set the date
  3. ... enter ‘0’ for missed assignments? Go to Grade book. For each assignment column, click on the down arrow for an assignment column (the full menu can take a while to load). Choose Set Default Grade. Enter '0'. Do not override.
    It is really important to keep this up to date so that the students have an accurate grade.
  4. ... excuse a student from an assignment? Go to Grade book. Type the letters EX in the cell for that student for that assignment.
  5. ... drop an assignment? Go to the list of assignments. In one group of assignments, click the three dots to the right and choose Edit. Set to ignore 1 of lowest score. IMPORTANT - be sure that all of the assignments in that group are out of equal points. Canvas drops based on points, not on percentages.
  6. ... set grade cutoffs? Go to Settings. Choose 'Enable grading scheme'
  7. ... override a final grade? You can't. Sad face. We do this after Canvas has passed the grades to the registrar's office.

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